What is Facebook's custom audience targeting?

Building relationships with
customers on and off Facebook.

Let's paint a picture. You're involved with a business, who collects their customer's data via; email address, phone number, or on the off chance, Facebook users ID's. You have a Facebook page, however, you have realised that the number of 'Likes' does not come close to your collected database. Enter, Facebook Custom Audience Targeting.

You see, Facebook has now integrated Custom Audience Targeting which gives users the ability to upload their consumer database - assuming that it contains customer; email addresses, phone numbers or Facebook user ID's. Once uploaded, Facebook will match such information with current Facebook users. Once matched, you are able to create and customise Facebook Ads directly to these matched customers.

This gives you the ability to target customers who you have a relationship with on and off Facebook. Just think, you are now able to directly target those users who have signed up for a newsletter, sent you an enquiry, signed up to your store, or purchased a product. You can now target your repeat customers and engage them with the brand by simply encouraging them to "Like". Although custom targeting will not rule out mailing lists, it has the capacity to drive traffic to your Facebook page, in the hope of leading them to a website or even a location.

I am sure that you can clearly see how much this new feature saves businesses time and money. Essentially, you now don't have to waste impressions on people who have either; never heard of your brand, or don't have a current relationship with the brand. Rather, you have a compiled list of genuine customers with existing relationships with the brand. Further, it is widely known that those fans who are engaged, and enjoy the content that a brand published, are more likely to share it with their network. As such, Custom Targeting, has the ability to promote information to existing customers who are unaware of the brand's Facebook presence.

For those who are worried about privacy, it should be noted that at this point in time there have been no issues as the contacts details are "hashed" (encrypted) prior to Facebook receiving them. Facebook has said that they "calculate the hash of the email addresses and phone numbers that people have given us and store these hashes with the corresponding person. When an advertiser imports their hashed audience list into power editor, we compare it with our hashes to find all of the matching user IDs. If an advertiser imports a hashed email address that we don't have, it wont match anything. Facebook won't know the original email address or phone number because it was hashed before it was uploaded."

You also may be wondering if the "old" targeting options are still available - They are! In fact you are able to layer these targeting options over your newly obtained list. For example, from your obtained list, you can narrow it down and target specifically 30 year old females living in Brisbane. Now that you have all of this information, you're probably wondering, HOW, WHERE, can I get this new feature? Well it is available through Power Editor and the Facebook Advertising API. Happy Targeting!

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