Top 5 ways to increase website traffic.

Drive leads, generate new business.

Increasing traffic to your website is a challenge, given the “If you build it they will come” mentality no longer applies in the crowded online marketplace. The issue isn’t your website design or development; the issue is you’re not investing time in earning visitation. That’s right - If you want to attract more qualified traffic, you need to find your users first. Read on for our top five ways to increase your online visibility.

Submit your website to search engines

Ultimately, your website will be visited because it is visible in search engine results, not because it’s nice to look at. Yet, contrary to popular belief, you have to tell Google that you exist.

For inclusion in organic online searches, the trick is to get a competitive ranking for relevant keywords. Before submitting your website to the major search engine players such as Google and Yahoo! Search, it’s important to optimise your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the science of search engine rankings. To ensure your website shows at the top of the list, research keywords relevant to your industry, business and offerings, and include said keywords on all pages (subtly, of course).

Next, to submit or suggest your site to the major engines, view these pages:

Now, when a user searches for terms similar to your keywords, the “Spiders”, “Bots” and “Web Crawlers” will include your website in search results, thereby increasing your website's visibility and maximising opportunities for click-throughs.

Start an SEO-friendly blog

Another way to increase your natural search engine ranking is with a blog laden with descriptive keywords. Writing a SEO-friendly blog guarantees optimised backlinks to your website while generating traffic. But, make sure the content is also interesting, informative or helpful to your readers. Here are the basics of effective blog writing:

  • Use the most relevant keywords in your title, and start your first paragraph with the same keyword
  • Include at least one descriptive keyword every 100 words or so
  • Include a relevant call to action - what do you want your reader to do as a result of reading?
  • Get your content into circulation with social media and bookmarking share buttons
  • Submit your blog URL to as many blog directories and RSS feed submission sites as humanly possible

Provide value by giving away (some of) your best work

Content is King, especially free content. Engage new visitors and create goodwill by offering users something of value for free and encouraging them to share it. Not only are you offering valuable information to potential customers, you’re increasing the visibility of your business, brand and website to the masses. Wondering what to give away? Try:

  • Free advice in the form of tutorials or e-books
  • Special offers and discount codes
  • Design templates or high-resolution images
  • A song from your album or the first chapter of your book

Become a voice of authority

The best way to attract qualified users is to hang out where they hang out. Meet your Web neighbours by becoming active on news groups, forums, Facebook pages and blogs. Join in on the discussion with constructive and useful information relevant to your expertise area, but be wary of spamming - this is a credbility building exercise. If you include your website’s URL in your signature, users will start to visit your website because they think you’re a helpful and knowledgeable resource.

Last, but not least

This is often overlooked, but incredibly important. Include your email and Web address on all of your company’s print literature, stationery and advertising. I’m talking email signatures, invoices, envelopes, brochures, business cards, ads, flyers, business letters, newsletters and press releases.

Remember, there are no quick fixes to increase your website’s traffic. But, good things to happen to those who wait. If you’re consistent and persistent, you will reap the benefits of targeted visitation, which ultimately affects your ROI.

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