Frozen Foods.

Bringing a taste sensation online.

Since 1957, Weis Frozen Foods has produced some of Australia’s most popular cream and frozen fruit based products. Spanning sorbets, frozen yoghurts, desserts, and the famous Weis Bars, the company has become a success story in the Australian and international FMCG space.

With a rich brand heritage, a passionate consumer base, and a truly delightful range of products, we were naturally excited to shape Weis’ online presence.

Emotion by design.

To reflect and showcase Weis’ commitment to producing great tasting products, whilst delighting their customers, emotion was a key element for consideration in the design.

To achieve this, the overall look and feel was intentionally restrained, allowing the products and ingredients to take centre stage and be the focal point. Brand cues, such as the two-tone colour of Weis Bars, were subtly integrated throughout the site.

Similarly, select images of farmers and producers, along with natural products and ingredients, were showcased inside ‘authenticity panels’ throughout the site. These regions serve to act as a reminder of the wonderful natural ingredients used by Weis in all of their products.

A new selection of fonts were also chosen to soften the overall clean design, and provide a friendly, down-to-earth tone.

Staying sticky.

Creating a website that acts primarily as a product catalogue often leaves users with little or no reason to return. To counter this, a recipes area covering drinks, baked goods, and desserts was developed. Syndicating this content across Weis’ social channels ensures visitors are given a purpose to return to the website more frequently.

In addition, we developed a social feed that aggregates content from Weis’ social channels, displaying it on the home page. Each time a visitor returns to the website, they’re presented with an up-to-date, visual list of content, showing the depth of the brand.

Creating longevity.

Annually, Weis runs a social competition giving their audience the ability to create the flavour and name of their dream Weis bar. At the conclusion, Weis produces the most creative bar, with the winner taking home a selection to enjoy.

Given the popularity of this promotion, it was critical that this - and other promotions - could be turned on and off throughout the year, or as desired.

The new website achieves this through the integration of custom modules developed as part of Vivo Group’s proprietary content management system (CMS). Whilst also allowing staff to maintain content, a responsive layout enables users to continue accessing the site well into the future, regardless of device.