Rio Tinto Alcan.

Web-based communication
hub for the community.

Rio Tinto Alcan is one of five product groups operated by Rio Tinto, a leading international mining group. Rio Tinto Alcan is one of the world’s largest producers of bauxite, alumina and aluminium. For a company of this size, and one operating in this sector, it is important that community impact be clearly understood and considered. Recognising this, Rio Tinto Alcan strives to incorporate sustainable development as a core strategy and consideration of any work they undertake.

To better provide support for the cities that host their projects and developments - cities like Gladstone, Queensland - Rio Tinto Alcan has established a fund that aims to provide encouragement in community growth, structure and the environment. This funding has recently aided in the creation of the 'Here for Gladstone' support website; an online resource providing the community with a base of information including upcoming events, workshops and special services.

Vivo Group was engaged to develop this community hub and support database for the local population, titled ‘Here for Gladstone’. Our aim was to create a website that would better communicate the levels of support that were being made available for the city - clearly highlighting the organisation’s goals, and encouraging participation and input from the community.

Strong foundations.

A strong and flexible foundation was a primary goal in the development of the ‘Here for Gladstone’ website . We wanted to provide Rio Tinto Alcan with a platform that would allow the program to expand, and grow into a solid online community hub. As a result, our proprietary content management system was implemented, allowing for custom content and components to be created as required.

Communication as key.

The main aim for the ‘Here for Gladstone’ community hub is to direct visitors to the events, workshops, and support information they would be likely to find most relevant. To achieve this, we developed a grid based landing page that provided space for administrators to feature key community initiatives. This approach ensures that information is provided in a conventional carousel, and also provides space to personalise the site with recent event photos and upcoming workshops.

Efficient search, personalised results.

Another key component of this new website was the events and workshop finder. Previously a chore to navigate, we were able to provide multiple interactive options - through both list and map based layouts - that ultimately deliver information in a highly efficient and legible format. Further, these event pages also provide a space where organisers and community attendees can share photos and memories adding to the genuine feel and personality of the site.