Connecting entrepreneurs with skilled individuals, online.

Listmee is an Australian based startup that aims to connect young professionals whilst simultaneously growing the local startup community.

Vivo Group were engaged to develop this niche website, allowing those with big ideas to search for and connect with skilled people interested in collaborating on projects.

The Listmee directory houses a niche group of professionals and provides simple tagging and categorisation options. This helps users, or those listing projects, to short list potential employees and collaborators.

Online job seeking websites and social networks cater to such a large audience that it can be impossible to find an ideal candidate with a matching personality. Listmee allows people from other sides of the planet to work together, which is particularly appealing for those interested in a non-conventional working environment.

Niche means custom.

It was obvious from the outset that a new, unique project of this nature would require a custom solution. Exhaustive scoping sessions uncovered intricate details and requirements that would need to be developed from scratch, if the concept was to work. No off-the-shelf, template driven system was going to deliver what was required, and it certainly wasn’t in the nature of the project to do so.

After 4 months we had developed a bespoke system that was in line with the requirements of the brief, and was able to achieve the functions and goals set by the founders. Further, the website has been developed in such a way that additional features and components can be developed and added as Listmee grows.

Big and bold.

To stand out amongst a sea of corporate recruitment and job seeking sites, the design style needed to jump out at the user. A fresh green blend was chosen for the primary palate to combat corporate blue, with a charcoal grey applied for that confident punch.

Beyond aesthetics, the interface was developed to be clear, easy to read and easy to use; a clean and flexible foundation for future features, with search and browsing being maintained as a priority throughout.

Efficient search.

Rarely do users search for items - or in this case, staff - using a single word. The complexity of returning relevant results is something many companies have struggled with. Listmee was developed to accommodate users who know exactly what they are looking for.

As a result, a tag list search box was implemented to provide a quick way to search for multiple descriptive items listed on the site and avoid the ambiguity of a typical, abstract search field or query.

Similarly, job seekers - or those looking to collaborate on projects - can provide information relating to their skills and what style of work they are looking for, be it locally or remotely.

Connect and carry on.

Listmee includes a private message feature that is tied directly to a user and project owner. This provides a quick and private way to connect with someone you’re interested in working with, without having to jump through hoops.

Listmee is a tool to support business connections, not a hub for distraction. A business owner can create a project listing, set who they’re looking for and respond to those who express interest.