Jetts Fitness.

Flexible, scaleable web assets
that cater to a mobile audience.

Since opening the first club in 2007, Jetts’ growth has been an incredible story of commitment, discipline, teamwork and success. The business is committed to a steady, consistent approach to growth - founded on the philosophy of having the best quality and most profitable locations.

To stay ahead in a crowded market, Jetts engaged Vivo Group to deliver a myriad of digital assets that would set them apart from their competitors.

Vivo Group’s proprietary content management system was chosen as the engine to control the website, as it provided flexibility, scalability, and allowed for the implementation of custom modules and services as required.

Further, it was critical that any feasible ideas could be brought to life and implemented; something an off-the-shelf system would not easily achieve.

Key goals.

The existing, tired website needed to be replaced with one that would engage and convert users, increase retention of members, and deliver valuable content.

As membership in this market is typically driven by offers, or ‘best price’, we chose to use the majority of the screen area above the fold for monthly promotions.

Similarly, ‘hot buttons’ located on the right hand side of every page of the website remind and allow the user that they’re able to participate in a free trial at any time.

To retain users, we developed Jetts Life - a content marketing tool - housing healthy recipes, fitness tips, success stories and motivational tips. Engaging the audience with informative and entertaining content, that could be consumed for its own sake, increased memberships and interaction with the brand - without the interruption of a direct sales approach.

In addition, we developed a social feed that aggregates content from Jetts’ social channels, displaying it in a single location. Each time a visitor returns to the website, they’re presented with an up-to-date snapshot of happenings, giving energy and depth to the brand.

Freedom, and ease of use.

Jetts’ mission is to be the consumers’ ultimate choice in health and fitness, providing people with the freedom of choice to workout on their terms. This freedom extends to allow members to visit any Jetts club with their pass. As a result, we made it easy for members to locate their nearest club by placing a shortcut to this feature on both the desktop and mobile websites.

To provide the most relevant information to the site's users, the 'Find a Club' service was developed using the HTML5 Geolocation API to automatically locate the clubs that are closest to a user's current location. Third-party location services, such as the Google Maps API, were also used to make the process of searching and finding information about any of Jetts' clubs as easy and appealing as possible.

Value for mobile users.

Jetts chose to steer away from a fully responsive website, as data showed mobile users were only interested in accessing a handful of key pages. Vivo Group designed a mobile specific layout that provides quick access to these key pages via four main buttons on the home screen.

To add value, we also created a Jetts Life mobile video library, that is accessible through scannable QR codes. These videos are optimised for mobile viewing and provide information on how to operate equipment located within the clubs.

  • +245% mobile conversion rate.
  • +60% form conversion rate.
  • +23% pages/session.