Global Assistance.

Refresh of a national digital assistance hub.

As Australia’s leading assistance provider, Allianz Global Assistance is a business built on an unwavering commitment to supporting its customers. Regardless of whether they are in trouble abroad, broken down in their car, or locked out of their homes, Allianz Global Assistance helps one Australian in need every 30 seconds.

To better reflect their position as an assistance company, and commitment to ensuring the safety and comfort of its customers, Allianz Global Assistance were looking to relaunch their online presence and align it with with their core values and future direction.

Vivo Group was engaged to provide thought leadership and direction in the design and development of the Allianz Global Assistance Digital Hub - a one stop shop for their entire network of customers, employees, partners and providers as well as the general public.

Breaking the corporate mould.

In working with a category leader of this caliber, our aim was to create a highly engaging website that broke away from the traditional corporate mould to immediately build an emotional connection with the user.

Due to the complexities of the Allianz Global Assistance product offering, as well as the diversity in target audiences, a highly flexible design was required for the Digital Hub. In line with the corporation’s global requirements, Vivo Group designed a custom, responsive interface utilising WordPress as the content management system.

The Digital Hub is made up of multiple destinations designed to service specific audiences; from the careers hub and media centre, to the dedicated partner area - each target group can easily navigate to relevant information through the main menu and quick links.

The site also supports special modules of content in the form of True Stories, Testimonials and Top Tips that are featured in numerous locations around the site. This enables key staff members to publish new content on the Digital Hub and have it syndicate out to populate multiple pages. In this way, the face of the Digital Hub is constantly refreshing with new content.

Capturing energy.

The Digital Hub was developed around a community heart, with an aim to capture the energy around customers, staff and partners interacting with the company.

To achieve this, a dynamic grid structure was adopted throughout the Hub providing Allianz Global Assistance with the flexibility to tailor each page to suit the message, line of business, and audience. These bright blocks of content were set up with only the essentials in mind to display in harmony with one another and avoid overwhelming visitors to the site.

Imagery in the Hub was selected for it’s impact, to both complement the bold colours and lines of the interface and capture the energy and positive emotions Allianz Global Assistance wish for users to associate with their offerings.

Throughout the interface, blocked colour and eye-catching gradients were implemented and applied to each of the company’s five lines of business. This colour system was developed to help each product shine on it’s own, and to display harmoniously across differing sections of the Hub - featuring a mix of multiple lines of business, stories and product information.

To complement this energetic colour system, a bold application of type and iconography was applied throughout the site. The grid based structure helped to provide a natural clarity in language with simple friendly statements, directions and links used throughout to guide visitors through the Hub.

Flexibility to grow.

Our aim from the start was to create a solid foundation that would lead Allianz Global Assistance into a new era of superior user experience, that resonates with the brand’s core values. As part of this, special consideration for a seamless user experience across devices dictated how content types are ordered and displayed on mobile devices.

As Allianz Global Assistance evolves and expands, the flexibility of the Digital Hub will ensure that it evolves with the business.