Social Media in 2014: What will should happen in 2014

By Kate Cook on Monday, March 31 2014 Social Media in 2014: What will should happen in 2014

Kate Cook is a Senior Digital Marketing Consultant for Reload Media, Vivo Group’s SEO & PPC partner. Kate specialises in content creation, social media marketing and advertising, and offline to online integration strategies. In this article, Kate discusses what she believes should happen in 2014. Facebook: In 2014, Facebook should fix its awful algorithm. For those who are unfamiliar with it, this is how it prioritises information in your News Feed: I, Facebook will show you everything a person or business page posts, if you have engaged with that person or business page in the last 7 days. Once these 7 days are up, I will no longer show them in your feed unless you ‘stalk’ them on Facebook again, at which point I will prioritise their posts for another 7 days. I, Facebook will show you everything that any single one of your friends has liked or engaged with. Sponsored or not.  If you’re anything like me, you may have Facebook friends from different walks of life. From kindergarten, primary school or just those you met once at a networking function. I don’t really feel the need to ‘unfriend’ these people, but I do know this: There are quite a number of friends that have different interests to me. When I see posts like this (be...

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Facebook's Graph Search and What it Means for Business

By David Steel on Thursday, January 17 2013 Facebook's Graph Search and What it Means for Business

Facebook's Graph Search is, to paraphrase the social media behemoth, a new and innovative way to navigate its ever-expanding online universe of people, places, photos and interests—a powerful and intuitive search tool allowing users to “map out their relationships with the people and things they care about”, and, perhaps most importantly, make new connections. A limited preview, or beta, version has been released, with Facebook stating it will take its time over the rollout (visit to get on the waiting list) as it seeks to fine-tune what promises to be a potentially dynamic new avenue of marketing and advertising for businesses.   So what is Graph Search and how will it work? By way of background, Facebook is curr...

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Second Screen Viewing - A Marketers Guide

By Jessica Syam on Tuesday, January 15 2013 Second Screen Viewing - A Marketers Guide

Gone are the days where the TV commands full attention. Rather, this generation is termed 'multi-screeners' who use their devices' multiple screens simultaneously. This being said, viewers are now able to instantly engage the call to action, share content and connect with other fans etc. With this being widely accepted, brands are increasingly able to capture consumers through these various platforms. In a recent study, Google reports that the use of multiple screens makes the consumer more efficient as the spontaneous finding of relevant search results makes the consumer feel as though they have "found time". The study also noted that 22% of respondents searched for something on a smartphone after being exposed to it on TV. With these studies being commissioned on overdrive, it is quite clear that multi screen viewing is the next big thing.   What is it? The concept of second screen viewing i...

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Welcome, Pinterest for Business

By David Steel on Thursday, November 22 2012 Welcome, Pinterest for Business

Virtual pinboard and online content sharing service Pinterest has confirmed what has long been expected, announcing the launch of Pinterest for Business. Previous restrictions on commercial use have been removed, with Pinterest following in the footsteps of other social media heavyweights, such as Facebook and Twitter, by now providing businesses the facility to set up accounts. Indeed, following Pinterest's phenomenal growth over the last two years, it's a telling step forward, essentially designed to help businesses increase customer reach and drive traffic flow to targeted company websites. Businesses will now be able to further develop a presence on Pinterest by registering under their company name; while those new to Pinterest will be able to join as a business, existing us...

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Mobile Apps vs Mobile Website

By Jessica Syam on Wednesday, November 14 2012 Mobile Apps vs Mobile Website

It's a question that we are constantly asked by clients - an Application or Mobile Website? At Vivo Group, we believe that the choice is company and goal specific. It is a topic of much debate, the fact that users are increasingly choosing to turn to their mobile device (be it smartphones or tablets) as the first point of call to access information. As such, we strongly believe that all information should be converted to suit the changing landscape and host information the way that clients wish to access it. That being said, it is fundamental that a mobile application, or site be developed. Therefore, once and for all, this blog will outline the respective functions and features of each to help you make your own informed decision. First off, lets start by defining each option;   Mobile Website A mobile website is similar to the normal website, however it is optimized to display on a smaller screen and interface. Mobile websites typically only display the sites most viewed information and are accessed through the devices standard web browser (i.e. Sa...

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What is Facebook's Custom Audience Targeting?

By Jessica Syam on Thursday, October 18 2012 What is Facebook's Custom Audience Targeting?

Let's paint a picture. You're involved with a business, who collects their customer's data via; email address, phone number, or on the off chance, Facebook users ID's. You have a Facebook page, however, you have realised that the number of 'Likes' does not come close to your collected database. Enter, Facebook Custom Audience Targeting. You see, Facebook has now integrated Custom Audience Targeting which gives users the ability to upload their consumer database - assuming that it contains customer; email addresses, phone numbers or Facebook user ID's. Once uploaded, Facebook will match such information with current Facebook users. Once matched, you are able to create and customise Facebook Ads directly to these matched customers. This gives you the ab...

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How to Deal with Internet Trolls

By Jessica Syam on Thursday, September 20 2012 How to Deal with Internet Trolls

With social media connections growing exponentially, the possibility of people disagreeing with your views increases respectively. With this in mind, a special breed of people, termed "Trolls" have arisen. As of late, Trolls are gaining the media spotlight and as such Vivo Group has complied some tips and tactics to assist you in combating them.   What are Trolls? A Troll is a person who seeks to cause a commotion and gain attention by persistently hijacking your online presence whilst inundating you with negative and abusive comments. Trolls engage in order to increase self worth. They play off every interaction and become more fuelled and persistent the larger the argument becomes. They do not have legitimate grievances and do not want to talk rationally. Ra...

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HTML5. What is it, and what can it do?

By David Steel on Wednesday, September 19 2012 HTML5. What is it, and what can it do?

HTML5. Everyone’s talking about it, everyone wants to use it. Bugger all people know what it is or what it can do, so let’s break it down. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML - the code used by web developers to create web pages. Think of it as the newest model Holden Commodore. It’s got 24” wheels, 10 reversing sensors and automatic wipers - all as standard features, and all in all, an improvement on the previous model. In much the same respect, HTML5 picks up a handful of extremely useful elements that both simplify web development and enhance a user’s online experience. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is an international body responsible for maintaining web standards and have been developing HTML5 over the course of the last few years. ...

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Vivo Group jumps on the iPhone 5 Bandwagon

By Jessica Syam on Thursday, September 13 2012 Vivo Group jumps on the iPhone 5 Bandwagon

  With all of today's hype, you probably find yourself extremely confused and don't know where to start. Fret not, Apple fans amongst the Vivo Group have been able to provide a concise wrap up of all things iPhone 5. Some feel that with the absence of Jobs, the fanaticism associated with new Apple product releases has significantly declined. Fewer leaks meant new features, when unveiled, were a surprise - rather than a clarification of rumours, resulting in a rather ho-hum launch.   Nonetheless, there are still some noteworthy updates and upgrades; Aesthetics New 'Lightning' charger Earphone connectivity at the bottom of the device New earphones Lighter (20%) Thinner (18%) Longer Bigger screen ...

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Converged Media; Redesigning the Media Landscape.

By Jessica Syam on Wednesday, September 5 2012 Converged Media; Redesigning the Media Landscape.

The acceptance and success of social media has dramatically shaken up how advertisers traditionally define Bought, Earned and Owned media. The once clear cut lines between the three media types are now seen as a blurry mess. Strengthened by Altimeter Group's research, it has been forecasted that the three "distinct media are beginning to converge, [and] soon they'll be inextricably entwined". Based on this forecasted amalgamation of media, the industry has dubbed the new term "converged media". This change has been caused by the new empowered consumer, who is now consulting the new types of media (Facebook, Twitter, Forums etc) to finalise their buying decisions. With this foreseen convergence in mind, it is fundamental that marketers keep up. In doing so, it is essential that marketers have an understanding of the traditional forms of marketing, and how they are converging in the digital scene.   ...

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